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Amia Matin's 3 new Audio CDs released on Dec/Jan 2009/2010 in Bangladesh. A Duet Album with Subir Nandi, and the other two solo albums tuned by Sheikh Sadi Khan & Basu Deb..

Born into a family of music lovers in Bangladesh and raised in a musical atmosphere since her childhood, Amia took a keen interest in singing from a very early age. Amia attended the 'NAZRUL PARISHAD MUSIC SCHOOL', Kalim Sharafi's SANGEET BHABAN in Dhaka and completed courses in classical songs and Nazrul Songs successfully. She took lessons from eminent teachers and artists such as Enaetullah Khan, Mofiz Uddin, Yakub Ali Khan, Sumon Chowdhury, Barket Ullah and Fatematuz Zohra.

While living abroad, Amia has performed in various cities in Norway, Germany and USA. Amia can sing in several languages. Besides her native Bengali, she is also proficient in Hindi, Norwegian and of course in the English language. Amia has finished her studies in the USA. Since 1996 she has been living permanently in Sydney.

Amia's first album 'Jete Jete Kichu Katha', an audio-cassette of modern Bangla songs of old days, appeared in 1995 from Sangeeta, Dhaka. Two other albums, two audio-CDs, one of Nazrul songs (Bhorer Kundakali) and the other of modern songs (Jato Bhabna Chhilo), appeared in December 2002, arranged by Durbadal Chatopadhuy, recorded at Studio Vibration, Kolkata.

The album "Janina Keno Jey Bhalo Lagey", comprises of songs written by famous poet Dr. Abu Hena Mustafa Kamal. Alongside the conventional tunes, Anup Bhuttacharji, Pronob Ghosh, Bappa Mujumder and lyricist's son Sujit Mustafa, the album appeared in December 2005 from Soundtek, Dhaka.

Amia's latest album of Nazrul Geeti, "Asha-Patho Chahi", was released in Australia on December 2006 from Muzitek Creations. The CD was arranged and mixed by Kiran Pradhan and recorded in Sydney.

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A Raater Aye Gaan
Jete Hobe Koto Dur
Megh Jomlei Bristi Hobe
Aji a Srabon Nishi
Jete Jete Kichu Kotha
Joto Vabona Chilo
Asa Potho Chahi
Vhorer Kundokoli
Jani Na Keno Je Valo Lage

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